Project Runway: Christopher’s Collection

Posted on October 19, 2012

We had all kinds of harrumphing planned for this one, but we’re feeling mellow so we’ll just say this: some people just don’t come off well when they’re under pressure and on camera. Miss Palu here had quite the little hissy fit and melt down, but in the end, we couldn’t do more than feel a little bad for him. Sorry your pissy bitchfit was captured on camera, kid. Better luck next time. As for your collection, it was, to be honest, kind of shockingly bad. All over the place in terms of tone and theme, and in some instances, amazingly poorly rendered. His last minute freakout and inability to edit just fucked him up completely. We’re not sure there was a core concept somewhere hidden in there that could have won it for him, though. We were pretty shocked at the time, because he gave every indication that he was better than this. Classic choke.

Kors overpraised this look. And can we just say? That judging session was just plain weirdly edited. They fell all over the designers praising their work, and then waited for them to leave the runway before trashing it.

Anyway, this isn’t quite awful, in the sense that it’s not boring or hideous, but the slit’s too high, the bleached leather effect is not nearly as enrapturing as Tim made it out to be, and the top is overworked.


This all looks very basic, except the jacket looks cheap and the slit in the skirt is too high.


The jacket looked like some weird craft project. At the very least, it was too conceptual to go with the rest of the collection. Every single other garment in this picture is an embarrassment.


We couldn’t stop saying it over and over and over again. “Basic shorts and cami. On the runway. For a design competition.” You get ten looks. If this is one of them, then you clearly don’t have any idea of what you want to do.


It’s not a bad coat, but it sure doesn’t look like a deliberate design choice to make it too small to close. He seemed to have gotten it in his head that all his models were going to be size zero or something. Either way, the coat doesn’t seem to go with the rest of the collection and it looks like a desperate attempt to cover something up.


Big ol’ nothing.


We rolled our eyes originally, when he talked about his mother’s x-rays, but we agreed with the judges that it was the only interesting part of the collection. Instead of overworking the shit out of a range of garments with no through-line, he should have done more with flowy prints of his own design.


Completely out of left field.

And that jacket is way overworked – and looked it, in person.


Big ol’ nothing.


Another one straight out of left field. Another one with fairly shocking execution issues, given his competition work.

It was a classic Daniel Vosovic kind of moment. A young, talented designer, who let the praise he got during the competition turn his head a bit, winds up wandering off the reservation, losing focus and losing sight of his own strengths.




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