PR: Quick n’ Dirties

Posted on October 05, 2012

Let’s clear the decks, darlings.

Fabio Costa

Making a jacket that can be worn up or down was a really clever idea on Fabio’s part and it could arguably be described as “avant garde.”

Unfortunately, it – and the rest of the look – is just plain ugly.


Christopher Palu

This looks exactly like something Regina would wear on “Once Upon a Time.” That’s not really a compliment, since most of the costuming on that show looks like Disney World castoffs. But he gets more credit than Fabio, because at least his “Enchanted Queen” actually looks like one. Fabio’s was more “Homeless Queen.”

It’s a standard black gown with a lot of shit added to it in a frantic attempt to make it interesting. What’s hilarious is all the talk about the enhanced hips. She’s so model-sized that the hips don’t look like anything but a relatively normal set of hips. If you’re gonna exaggerate the female form, then you’ve got to go the whole Thierry Mugler/Commes des Garcons nine yards and make something that actually looks exaggerated instead of making a size two look like a size four.


Melissa Fleis

We REALLY don’t get why the hell this received so many compliments.

There’s nothing about this look that isn’t standard. Popping the collar and lining the skirt doesn’t make it “avant garde.” It doesn’t even make it edgy. This just looked like a bunch of poorly rendered, mismatched pieces. At least Sonjia and Fabio tried to make something interesting. To our way of thinking, it was Melissa that should have gone home last night.



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