PR: Elena Slivnyak Decoy Collection

Posted on October 01, 2012

When Project Runway made the switch from having 4 or 5 collections at the finale, and giving the designers several months to put them together, to having as much as ten collections at the finale and giving the designers much less time to put them together, the quality of the finale collections, we’re sorry to say, declined tremendously. Having sat through the last 7 finale shows, we can tell you that vast majority of what walks down that runway is simply not worthy of walking a New York Fashion Week runway. When Elena’s collection walked out, we sat up in our seats and took notice. It’s cohesive and extremely well executed, demonstrating a strong point of view. It’s one of the strongest decoy collections we’ve seen.

Let’s start the show.

This is both expected and unexpected. The color-blocking science fiction vibe? Totally expected. The simplec, lean silhouette? Not expected at all. We mostly like this dress, but we think the blocking on the bust is a bit unfortunate, giving the illusion of droopy boobs. We loved the crazy lipstick and striped stockings as styling choices. It demanded that you take notice.


Great looking coat that really works best with a pair of pants.


This is one look that, to us, speaks of Elena’s tendency to go a bit too far. We don’t love these colors together and we think the straps should not have been a third color. These looks are so out-there that they work best when she restrains her color choices.


The crotch is a little off, but for the most part, she makes great pants. Notice that we’re on the 4th look and we’ve seen dresses, pants, coats and a blouse. She might’ve gotten a bit repetitive with the color-blocking, but she’s throwing out every kind of garment, which is very smart.


Let’s face it: there’s only so much we can write here. Not because there’s anything wrong; just that once you hit on the sci-fi color-blocking theme and talk it out, there’s not much else to say. That jacket is great, although it makes a size 2 look a little hippy.


Now it’s starting to get too repetitive. That top is very similar to the one two looks up.


And this is too similar to the first dress.


This is pure fabulous. We recognize that a lot of what she’s showing here isn’t going to have mass appeal. Many women wouldn’t want their various body parts outlined with color-blocking and many women wouldn’t respond well to the sci-fi feel of it all, but this is just plain chic. She has a real talent for eye-catching outerwear.


This is the only real clunker in the collection. We appreciate that she tried to do something a little different from her other looks, but the flowy, sheer peplum doesn’t feel like it belongs in this collection.


Not only our favorite look in this collection, it was our favorite look from ALL the PR finale collections shown this year. That chartreuse is a tough color to wear and maybe she could have skipped the color blocking in the jacket once she decided on that collar, but overall, this feels chic, wearable, and very of the moment.


If this had been a contender for the win, the judges would have likely praised it for its very strong point of view, for being extremely well-executed, and for being somewhat unexpected. Then they would have complained that there weren’t enough variations and given the win to someone else, most likely. We wouldn’t have disagreed with any of that (although we’re hard-pressed to come up with a S10 finale collection that’s better than this one), but we came away from this with a heightened view of Elena’s talents. She’s definitely got something interesting to offer and she’s professional enough to realize that a Fashion Week collection should look as polished as humanly possible.


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