Matthew Morrison In New York

Posted on October 18, 2012

Okay, we know the internet reaction to any picture of Matthew is to immediately declare that he’s a douche, but we love this look. It’s perfect for fall.


‘Glee’ star Matthew Morrison and girlfriend Renee Puente stroll hand in hand after stopping off at their local Starbucks.

They both look cute, in fact. Girl can seriously rock some seriously skinny pants. We love that his suit fits him pretty much perfectly, and anyone who’s read this site for a while knows what a rarity that is among male celebritykind.

A word about his gloves and his scarf, because we know someone’s going to say they look douchey and we’re defensive little drama queens who wear gloves just like that and scarves in just that manner. We’re in that annoying period on the east coast where a day can go from cold to warm in the space of an hour and then back again. Sure, he could’ve worn a sweater, but if he’s anything like us, he’d be too hot in it as soon as he hits a patch of sun. A scarf with a lightweight jacket just works – and that noose style of wearing it is much easier than trying to wrap it around yourself and much less douchey-looking than having it trail down your front. Plus, it stays in place.  As for the fingerless gloves, one word: smartphone. It’s impossible to operate one while wearing gloves and it’s annoying having to constantly take them off when you need to check yours. Yes, we’re defensive and those were WAY too many words about a scarf and gloves, but we’ve heard too many people make fun of that look when in our experience, it just makes good sense when you’re walking down a city street in October.

So there.

So! Glee! Does it still suck?

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