In or Out: Olivia Wilde in Calvin Klein

Posted on October 01, 2012

The fact that Olivia Wilde is wearing a just-above-the-ankle length bright green caftan and we’re not automatically reaching for the Bea Arthur jokes is a testament to … something.


Olivia Wilde attends after party for the premiere of ‘Butter’ in NYC in Calvin Klein.

Calvin Klein Resort 2013 Collection/Model: Marie Piovesan

No, really. You say “just-above-the-ankle-length bright green caftan” to a couple of bitchy red carpet commenters and we can assure you, they’re going to simultaneously sharpen their claws while flipping through a thesaurus to the entry on “hideous.”  But this is kind of working for us. Or at least, it’s working better than we thought it would. We’re  not super-crazy about the length (just above the ankle almost always looks awkward to us), the weird cape-like thingy that covers her arms, or the fact that she’s wearing absolutely no jewelry, but this is kind of eye-catching. Personally, we think this called for a big ’70s-style blowout, some dramatic eye makeup and at least one statement piece of jewelry, but we’re willing to admit that might’ve tipped it over to DragLand. Still, it needs something more than what she’s giving it.

Are we nuts? Is this horrible or does it kind of have something going on?

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IN! It’s got something!


OUT! It’s horrible!


Many of the kittens loved Emma Watson’s dress-and-pants combo, but slightly more didn’t love it, which means it’s OUT.


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