Girl, That’s Not Your Dress: Christina Hendricks

Posted on October 11, 2012

Hey, remember when Christina wore a string of outfits that looked fantastic on her? Remember how we all decided she must have hired a new stylist? Good times, people.

Well, the good times are over.


Christina Hendricks attends Tacori’s ‘City Lights’ Jewelry Collection Launch Party in West Hollywood, California in a BOSS Black by Hugo Boss leather dress paired with Tacori jewelry.

Boss Black by Hugo Boss Matte-Leather Dress

Jesus Christ, girl. Clearly you gave your stylist the night off, because there’s no way anyone who’s paid to pick out clothes would have picked that out for you. It’s bad enough that you’re trying to wear a leather dress, but the fact that you put a turtleneck on underneath it is causing us physical pain. A TURTLENECK. UNDER A LEATHER DRESS. Oh, we can’t. It’s like goth chick at the ski club.

What’s weird is the shoes. She normally has pretty bad taste in shoes, but these are nice. And the hair and makeup look great and we like that pendant. We can’t sign off on that clutch, though. Looks like a heating pad.

Sweetie pack this dress up and send it off to Gwen Stefani. It is SO not in your wheelhouse. And please, don’t try to dress without a stylist’s help.


[Photo Credit: Michael Kovac/Getty Images,]

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