Ciara at the VH1 Studios

Posted on October 18, 2012


We don’t even know what to say here.


Ciara leaves the VH1 studios in New York City.

Christian Louboutin Equestria Heel-Plate Red Sole Bootie

Pleated, dropped crotch hammer pants and a too-tight sheer shirt, with — Jesus Christ, are you wearing a white bra under that?

Girl, what the fuck.

If you have gays in your life, they’re clearly only interested in hair, makeup and accessories – all of which look great – but don’t have a frikking clue how to tell you that your taste in clothing sucks.  Maybe that’s what happened. Maybe you walked out wearing this and all your gays were so dumbstruck at the awfulness of it all that they used their gay telepathy and said to each other “Let’s just get the head looking good and slap on some kickass shoes before she heads out the door.”

SERIOUSLY. How does someone leave the house looking like this and thinking not only that they look good, but that they look good enough for television?


[Photo Credit: Felipe Ramales/,]

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