Christa B. Allen in Dress The Population

Posted on October 10, 2012

We took one look at these pictures, smiled at each other, and started sharpening our claws.



Christa B. Allen attends the 4th Annual Los Angeles Haunted Hayride VIP Premiere Night in a Dress The Population bodysuit.

Dress The Population ‘Beatrice’ Bodysuit

Honey, don’t blow kisses at the camera. Just don’t.

Anyway, we stopped sharpening our claws when we saw this was a “Haunted Hayride” event. It’s possible this isn’t some sort of costume and the poor dear actually thinks it looks stylish, but we’ll go with the Halloween explanation, because it’s kinder – and you all know how much our hearts are filled with love and kindness.

Now, let’s all guess what the hell she’s supposed to be. It’s like she started off with a Stevie Nicks costume and then halfway through getting dressed, said “Fuck it” and went for her skinny jeans. We are puzzled, to say the least. We’re going with, “Rhiannon, Private Detective,” but you are encouraged to come up with your own.


[Photo Credit: WENN,]

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