Chanel’s ‘Bijoux De Diamants’ Red Carpet

Posted on October 10, 2012

Darlings, because the fashion and entertainment industries will throw a party for any old reason at all, there was a celebration of Chanel fine jewelry’s 80th anniversary of the “Bijoux De Diamants” collection. Yes. An anniversary party for jewelry.  But hey, at least we get to look at celebuladies wearing Chanel against the absolute worst backdrop in the history of step-and-repeats.

Let’s judge them.


Blake Lively in Chanel Fall 2012 Couture

Honey, unless you have a steamer that hooks into your limo’s cigarette lighter, don’t wear dresses like this to events where you’ll be photographed. A shame, because it’s a great dress.


Diane Kruger in Chanel Spring 2013

Hmmm. Seems kind of half-assed to us. And we can hear her boobs crying in pain from here. This definitely needed more jewelry and a less-serious pair of shoes.


Elle Fanning in Chanel Fall 2012 Couture

Okay, this is freaking adorable. So much better than that other schmatta. If anyone can work a “Wednesday Addams in couture” look, it’s her.


January Jones in Chanel

January wins the Bitchface Award. Again.

That dress is a big ol’ nothing, though.


Jessica Paré in Chanel

That’s a pretty great dress, but it’s definitely not the kind where you wear your hair down. And besides, her hair looks terrible like that.

What’s with all the serious black shoes?


Rose Byrne in Chanel Spring 2011 Couture

It’s okay, we guess. At least she looks like she tried. It’s kind of hard to see the details against that backdrop, but it sure looks like she’s got some sort of bow in her hair and that’s a little hard to take. But we like the dress, for the most part, and we like the purse. We probably would have gone with something silver in the shoe just to bring it up a bit.



[Photo Credit: Getty]

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