Cathy Cambridge in Alice Temperley

Posted on October 24, 2012

Darlings, it’s going to be a bitch of a day ’round these parts. And by “these parts,” we mean the hotel room we woke up in this morning. Don’t worry; we planned on waking up in a hotel room; no one kidnapped us. We had one of those fun, “let’s have a meeting” days in New York yesterday, where meet with amazing people who tell us we’re amazing. Seriously. There are worse ways to spend a day. But it means blogging-on-the-go today, which means, so help us, if we get one more “ARE YOU GONNA WRITE ABOUT RUPAUL’S ALL-STARS? PLEASE? I’LL GIVE YOU A DOLLAR! WELL FINE I NEVER LIKED YOU TWO WHORES ANYWAY” – style email, we’re gonna put our hands on our hips and be very stern and cross. We will get to the All-Stars (short recap: surprisingly dull and lifeless) later, along with other fun and bitchy things. Patience, kittens.

In the mean time, here’s Cathy looking all princess-y and shit.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attends reception held for Team GB Olympic and Paralympic London 2012 medalists at Buckingham Palace in London, England in a dress by Alice Temperley.

Alice Temperley makes an exceedingly good choice for her. The combination of retro-romanticism paired with a slightly rock and roll modernity is perfect for this 21st Century Duchess. She looks great here. We’d always rather see her in a color, but there’s enough going on with this dress for us to ever call it boring. But we have to say, because it’s driving us nuts, we’re not in love with the thick white trim along the seams and edges of the sheer parts. Very distracting.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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