Bérénice Marlohe in Berlin & Paris for Skyfall

Posted on October 31, 2012

Relatively unknown French actress Berenice Marlohe got herself cast as the latest Bond girl and is taking this rare opportunity to make a splash on an international stage. Every single thing she’s worn in the past month has been attention-seeking. Attagirl.

But we have opinions and they all come down to three little words. TRYING TOO HARD.



Berenice Marlohe attends the Germany premiere of ‘Skyfall’ in Berlin in Giorgio Armani.

Berenice Marlohe attends the photocall for ‘Skyfall’ in Berlin in Ports 1961.

Berenice Marlohe attends the photocall for Skyfall’ in Paris in Alexander McQueen.

Berenice Marlohe attends the France Premiere ‘Skyfall’ in Paris in Elie Saab.


We give her all the credit in the world for really putting the effort in. Truly. And we appreciate that she tries to switch things up. But come on, girl. Loosen up a little. First, you need to dial back on the makeup gun setting. You’re gonna burn out the motor, honey. We’re all for a ladystar who loves to rock the warpaint, but it’s coming off as try-too-hard, especially when you’re sporting the same heavy smokey eye no matter the setting or outfit. Also: the hair is constantly a mess. Sure, a Bond girl has more leeway than most to get away with the JBF hair. Some would even say it’s de rigeur, but we’re thinking it doesn’t work with every look.

As for the clothes… like we said, they’re certainly showy, which isn’t a bad thing when you’re a new Bond girl getting your picture taken. Can’t say we love her taste in gowns, which tend to tip over to the tacky side. We love that blue coat, but the pants are too wide and she could have used some contrasting color or print somewhere in the look. The maribou feather peplum? With those cuffed pants? We can’t even.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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