Ben Affleck at the London Film Festival

Posted on October 18, 2012

Okay, seriously now. Are we going to use the “He has babies at home!” excuse for THIS one? Because he looks like crap here.


Ben Affleck attends premiere of ‘Argo’ during the 56th BFI London Film Festival.

We hate blue suits with white shirts on the red carpet. They’re perfectly fine for the average person and for real life, but a celebrity promoting their latest project should show a little more style than that. The look says “banker” or “politician” to us.

But skipping over our personal distaste for the look, why the hell does it fit him so badly? Why is it so wrinkled? Did he sleep on a bench somewhere? Judging by the stubble, he did. We can forgive stubble on the right guy and with the right outfit, but you pair it with such an establishment-looking suit and he looks like he went on a bender after getting laid off on Wall Street.

Ben, we’re gonna do you a solid. Here’s how you could make this work:


  1. SHAVE
  3. Pair it with a subtly colored or subtly patterned shirt and a brightly colored tie.


There. You do all that and you won’t look like Mitt Romney after a lost weekend in Vegas.  You’re welcome.




[Photo Credit: Getty, WireImage]

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