The 2012 NCLR ALMA Awards Red Carpet

Posted on September 18, 2012

Darlings, it was Latin Ladies Night at the Alma Awards, where the ruffles ran free! Let’s assess.


America Ferrera in Carlos Miele

Kinda dreary-looking. Like an evening gown for a nun.


Ana Ortiz in Lela Rose

That’s one hell of an impact dress. Kinda dropped the ball on the hair, though.


Angelica Celaya

Gorgeous. Fantastic color for her.


Aubrey Plaza

Shapeless and colorless. A space waitress dress.


Bella Thorne in Bibhu Mohapatra

Pretty, if a little standard. At least she’s dressing her age somewhat. Don’t like the boob ruffles.


Chelsea Rendon

Would’ve loved this with the skirt at cocktail length.


Chiquis Marin in Tadashi Shoji

Christina Hendricks got there first, but this dress and its variants are clearly a gift from God for the curvy gals.


Christian Serratos

It’s a chic look, but the color’s not right for her.


Constance Marie

A bit much, sweetie.


Christina Aguilera in Michael Kors

Credit where it’s due: sure, this is pretty draggy, but we would expect no less from her. The important part is, it’s not several sizes too small on her and she’s not flashing 90% of her skin at us. Also, the hair’s a little aging. But we’ll take it. She looks like a diva, which is what Xtina should look like.


Dania Ramirez



Daphne Wayans



Edy Ganem

Also pretty.

Geez, throw us a bone here, ladies. Somebody wear something ugly.


Eva Longoria in Monique Lhuillier

Well, it’s not ugly, but there’s definitely too much going on here. And her Miss America 1955-style posing is ridiculous.


Fernanda Romero

Too dark and serious.


Gina Rodriguez

It’s a bit on the tacky side and the way the fabric gathers is hellaciously unflattering on her.


Gina Torres

Killer dress. Awful shoes.


Jackie Guerrido

Pretty dress, but that’s not her color.


Jennifer Aspen

Way too washed out.


Judith Reyes

Great. Now our eyes are mad at us. Thanks a lot, Judith.


Julie Gonzalo

Enh. Give us a pop of color somewhere. And a belt. And hair that looks a little less Head Cheerleader.


Kat DeLuna

Someone’s looking to FLAMENCO!


Lana Parilla

It’s okay, but it really needed some showier jewelry.


Lindsey Morgan



Maria Canals-Barrera

Pretty color, but a bit too much going on in that dress.


Marisol Nichols

That bodice is kind of cool. We’d love this a lot more without the slits. Two slits to the thigh is never not a little tacky.


Mayte Garcia

Believe it or not, we almost like this. It’s too much, but there’s something a little drag-fabulous about the look.


Natalie Morales

Pretty, but washed out.


Olga Segura in Hervé L. Leroux

Great color. Don’t love the neckline or hair.


Sandra Vidal

Baby heads.


Stayc Reign

Looks like she got her head stuck in a cotton candy machine.


Zoe Saldana in Gucci

Gorgeous dress. We go back and forth on the suitability of the color.



[Photo Credit: Tina Gill/PR Photos]

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