PR: Top Prints and Bottom Prints

Posted on September 14, 2012


Sonjia Williams

We really liked this.

We weren’t crazy about the print, which looked, to our eyes, to be based on Native American designs. If Sonjia was referencing a Native American heritage, we never heard her say it, so we were a little puzzled as to the significance.

But she took a questionable print, made a gigantic pair of pants out of it, and still came up with a chic and sophisticated design. We would have been quite happy to see her win it just for beating the odds. The pants fit like a dream and that top is fabulous.


Melissa Fleiss

Another really great entry, even if the dress isn’t all that innovative.

And while we love the print, it’s quite the stretch to claim any cultural significance from it. It’s just a nice looking print, which is surprising coming from this season’s Queen of Darkness (every season has one, y’know).


Still, she knocked it out of the park. It’s a really great-looking, modern-looking dress.


Ven Budhu

We pretty much hated everything about this attempt but we still don’t think Ven should’ve gone home for it.

He clearly has no facility for prints at all; doesn’t know how to design them and doesn’t know how to utilize them in a design. Frankly, we don’t have a lot of sympathy because he had to have known this challenge was coming.


He absolutely deserved to be raked over the coals for putting out another dress with a time vortex/rose pleating technique. It was never as wonderful as he seems to think and he’s returned to that well far too often. But the judges should’ve had that discussion with him several challenges back. We’re not sure why they thought it was Tim’s job to deter him from it, since they’ve given only the mildest indication that they were getting tired of it. As for Tim’s advice this episode, it had us completely confused. We’re not sure what experience Tim has with maxi-pads (probably no more than we do), but pleated and pink is not the description that comes to mind. It’s not likely that Ven’s original design would have been received any better than this, but at least he wasn’t trying to do another rose pleat. Tim probably should’ve been a little gentler in his critique – and that’s something we never thought we’d write.

Don’t get us wrong; both dresses were bad. It’s just that the judges’ high dudgeon over his repetitiveness was overdue and Tim’s advice probably steered him in the wrong direction.


Christopher Palu

We just can’t with this one anymore. His need to make himself the center of everything has gone way past annoying. We think we reached our limit when he started complaining that seeing family members was nice and all, but then they would leave and everyone would feel sad again. Oh, shut up, you whiny thing. Then Gunnar gets auf’d and the second he makes it back to the designer lounge, Christopher immediately makes it all about how he feels about Gunnar, rather than how Gunnar must feel about being eliminated. It was kind of gross.

This dress was kind of gross too. It’s odd that he floundered so much in a challenge that was supposed to be about his own personal history, considering how much he makes everything about him anyway. The print was okay. Maybe not win-worthy, but certainly enough to get him through the challenge if he’d just used it in an interesting way. Instead he made the most standard of cocktail dresses and covered up the print like he was embarrased by it. Everyone keeps saying Ven should’ve gone home but we think Christopher’s entry was much worse than his.



[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for – Stills:]

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