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Posted on September 21, 2012

Hit it, Mockettes!


Dmitry Sholokhov

Oooooh, the Bitter Kittens aren’t going to like us for this one, but we agree with the judges’ decision and completely understand why this didn’t get the win. It’s absolutely true that it’s a sophisticated dancer’s costume, beautifully rendered. But here’s the thing: The Rockettes, bless their high kicks, should never really be used in a sentence with the word “sophisticated.” They’re campy and meant to appeal to the broad masses. This looks like it could be a fabulous costume for Chicago or something like that, but it doesn’t say “Rockette” to us at all.


Elena Slivnyak

Not to defend this look or anything, but when you look at the costumes they displayed for the designers during their sketching session, this look is only off by a matter of degrees. It’s horribly executed and grossly over-embellished, plus the fabric looked cheap, but the judges acting like this was some sort of abomination seemed a bit over the top to us. She made a glittery, over-embellished dance costume. Since when is that so shocking in the world of the Rockette?

Having said that, it’s ugly.


Fabio Costa

We seriously don’t get this one at all. That grey fabric absolutely ruins the look, taking it from shiny and armored to drab and utilitarian. He should have ditched the fabric and made the straps more functional. This could read like a modern, showgirl take on Bronze Age armor and that’s kind of fun.


Melissa Fleis

It’s ambitious and the results are unusual. For that alone, she deserved to be in the top. But that neckline is impractical for dancing and that inadvertent “1” on the front is way too distracting. Honestly, we thought it was deliberate. She should’ve lied and said she envisioned each girl being numbered from 1 to 36. That might actually be a cute idea. But like we said, it’s impractical and to be honest, the little hat is pure cliche.


Sonjia Williams

She’s seriously lucky Ven made an ice dancing costume for depressed girls and Elena made one for manic girls.


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