PR: Legs in the Air, Ladies!

Posted on September 21, 2012


Darlings, it’s comforting to know that in its tenth season, Project Runway can still deliver high entertainment value with a side of camp.


We’re going to say it: This is the best Project Runway season in several years. It suffers from a lack of any truly astonishing talent and the challenges have been, for the most part uninspired (present challenge excluded), but we don’t quite detect the extremely heavy hand of the producers obnoxiously shoving people like Gretchen and Anya to the forefront just because they give good camera. It’s perhaps naive to say this, but it really does feel like they’re slowly eliminating the less-talented designers, leaving the better ones to face off against each other. That is what the show’s supposed to be about, right?

Now if only we can get them to extend the deadlines and cast more talented people.


Heidi’s euphoria in this scene was both hilarious and endearing. Once you’ve conquered the Victoria’s Secret runway, what’s left in the world to give you a little thrill while you wear something sparkly? The Rockettes, of course.


Seriously, she was buzzing like a 5-year-old on Christmas Eve.


Unfortunately, the world of the Rockette is a … rocky one, and apparently it’s an incredibly stressful challenge to dress these ladies. We can believe it. One look at those dress forms and we were all, “Okay, we’re tapped out on ideas. Everything’s already been done.”


Subsequently: tears.

This is what we mean about the improved nature of the show. There’s drama this season, but it mostly came from highly stressed creative people being put in a gladiator contest and forced to deal with the challenges. Again: that IS what the show is supposed to be about. Not: “My mother died 8 years ago and I’m still sad.” or “I’m a beauty queen!” And DEFINITELY not: “Let’s keep telling this shitty designer how great she is because it’s driving everyone else nuts!”

Can we say how much we dig Sonjia’s personal style? We’re not quite in love with how she puts on her makeup, but the head scarves and chunky jewelry paired with cute, girly clothes is kind of an arresting look. It’s like Tootie went on to college and had Maya Angelou as her professor.


So congrats, Christopher! The minute you revealed your design plans, we knew you were going to be in the top. And the minute we saw how well the bodice was turning out, we knew you were going to win it. You can’t go wrong with a NYC theme for the Rockettes, and like he said, they can wear this costume any time of the year and anywhere they go.



Tim really steered him wrong on that skirt. Yes, the one he was making was too short, but it had movement and actually looked like a dancer’s costume. This skirt just looks like something you’d wear on a night out. If you’re tacky, that is.

Also: We really hate the illusion netting. If you’re going for a skyline theme with sparkly stars, then why the hell wouldn’t you choose a black or midnight blue sheer? Because there’s no way this is going to read past the tenth row.


And it’s a not-at-all surprising Auf Wiedersehen to Ven, who was stamped with the Scarlet Auf back when he insulted a non-model sized lady. It was only a matter of time.


Actually, once the judges decided to make an issue of his repetitiveness, that’s really when the fix was in. They made a really good point last night – and by the way, that was a lively and fun judging session: Michael said that if this is all he can do once he’s pretty much ordered to stop making roses, then it really doesn’t speak well for his design skills. He’s the quintessential One-Way Monkey.


[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for – Stills:]

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