PR: Hit Me Baby One More Time

Posted on September 28, 2012

Hit it, Babies!

Dmitry Sholokhov

While we liked the cape effect once you unzipped the hood, we have to admit it looked a little odd zipped up. Otherwise, it’s a really great look. It’s got a sense of whimsy to it and the graphic qualities (plus the cape) makes it the kind of outfit any little nipper would beg to wear. We were a bit surprised, because next to Elena, Dmitry did the most complaining about the challenge, only to demonstrate that he has a knack for children’s wear.


Fabio Costa

It’s nuts that this didn’t win over Sonjia’s.

It wasn’t just cute, it was thoughtful, because you can see that this is a relatively easy outfit to get a kid in and out of and mommy would get some mileage out of it even after he got bigger. We think what might have killed it for him was the manufacturing costs, because that trim around the hems and the use of the print were nice touches that would’ve cost money to implement.


Melissa Fleis

Oh, please. We like Melissa a lot, but this had the stench of loser all over it.

WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU PUT RUCHING ON BABY CLOTHES? Is she supposed to store goldfish and Cheerios in there for later?

The grand irony here is that she made a cocktail dress for a toddler but couldn’t figure out an adult outfit that didn’t look like pure ass. Those shorts are HEINOUS. And sure, the vest is cute, but how many moms are going to want the hassle of such a non-functional piece? Give her a jacket or don’t bother.



[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for – Stills:]

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