PR: Gunnar Deatherage Decoy Collection

Posted on September 20, 2012


We were quite surprised (as were most people, we suspect) when Gunnar’s collection started walking down that runway. An African tribal-themed collection would have been pretty much the very last thing anyone would have expected coming from him. On that level, we salute him. On more practical, stylistic levels, the whole thing fails. Skinny little white gayboys from Kentucky probably shouldn’t attempt a collection like this until they have a better understanding of the cultures they’re pulling from. These just look like he flipped open a couple National Geographics and started sketching.

Let’s start the show.



That skirt is not bad at all (even if it’s too voluminous and sits too high), but the top is horrendous. The makeup is flat out offensive. It’s the kind of tribal makeup you would have seen in an old Tarzan movie, or King Kong. It’s not an homage to tribal styles; it’s a bastardization of them.




Interesting effect with the weaving of the fabric, but again, this is just too big all around and the grey does nothing for that print.


Everything about this is awkward, from the sheer grey fabric ruched and layed over the print, to the clumsy halter neckline stapled on to a poorly fitted pleather bustier.


That skirt is probably the first interesting, wearable thing we’ve seen yet. It’s still too stiff and the painted bottom looks crude, as does that top she’s wearing.


Horrible color story. None of these pieces really seem to have anything to do with the others. These feel like leftover pieces that he just threw together to make a look.


Just okay.


That dress is pretty nice. We like the sheer coat, but we don’t think it works well with the dress.


Once again: a slightly interesting (but too full) skirt paired with a nothing of a top.


Take away the horrific styling and the Flintstones jewelry and this could be quite a powerful and sexy look.


Utterly hideous in every way.


He gets all the credit in the world for going way outside his comfort zone and having the good sense to hire models of color to show off this collection, but that’s where the compliments end. You can’t take a bunch of black women, airbrush their faces and stick them in a bunch of ugly earth tones with their bellies showing and call it “Tribal.” Well. You can, but then people like us are going to roll our eyes at your ignorance.

Stick with dressing genteel Southern ladies for now, Gunnar. You don’t have the reference points to step outside your comfort zone. Get yourself a passport and do some traveling before you decide to start tackling this kind of fashion.


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