Pairs Division: Madekwe and Allen

Posted on September 18, 2012


Ashley Madekwe and Christa B. Allen attend the NYLON September TV issue launch event in Beverly Hills, California.

Darlings, if you’re anything like us – and really, you should be – then you are positively salivating for the return of the delicious Revenge to our TVs just weeks from now. In celebration of the no-doubt glorious return of Victoria Grayson and Emily Thorne, let’s pick on two of the supporting cast members and point out what they got wrong in their outfits, okay? Okay!

You know it’s what Victoria would do.


Ashley Madekwe in The Kooples

SHE: Either didn’t move much that night or she’s got great tit-tape action going on there. We love this look and she’s just the gal to pull it off, but that jacket’s just a little too open for our tastes. Not because we’re prudes but because it just looks too big on her. If that thing was tailored to her size, we’d love it.  It would also help if it didn’t look so obviously shoved open in a “Make sure you get a pic of my tits” kind of way. And she could’ve worn more interesting shoes. And jewelry. Score: 7/10.


Christa B. Allen in Max Mara Top and Rebecca Minkoff Shorts

SHE: Is giving us life. We adore this look. So colorful, glamorous and sexy in an ’80s Scavullo Cosmo cover kind of way. The leather hot pants were just the fun addition to take this away from being too Barbie-riffic. We’re not entirely sold on the makeup, and the bag looks a bit like a makeup case, but the rest of it works really well and looks stylish to our eyes. Score: 8.5/10.


Combined Score:  7.75/10. Work those hot pants, girls!


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