Pairs Division: Davis and Gyllenhaal

Posted on September 25, 2012

Well, this should be an interesting experiment, darlings. One ladystar whose red carpet choices tend to have us singing hosannas paired with another ladystar whose red carpet choices tend to make us shriek in horror and rage. Let’s see what happens!


Viola Davis and Maggie Gyllenhaal attend the premiere of ‘Won’t Back Down’ in New York City.

From the left…

SHE: Is a goddamned fucking DIVA (meant in the absolute best possible way, of course). Everything here is giving us life; the dress and its gorgeous color, the silver accents (especially those killer earrings) and, of course, the hair, which is gorgeous and so much more flattering than the wigs she tends to deploy more often than not. Think of it this way: put any other starlet in this outfit, and you might come away thinking it’s a little standard and maybe a little on the boring side. Put Miss Viola in this outfit, and suddenly it’s stunning. Score: 9.5/10. Half point off because we think those lashes are a bit overdone, tipping over into drag land and fighting the slightly played-down vibe the rest of the outfit is putting out.

SHE: Must have realized “Shit, I’ll be standing next to a stunning diva. Maybe I should try not to dress like an 80-year-old secretary, just this once.” Mission accomplished, girl. This is easily the best she’s looked on the red carpet in ages. Again; it’s a relatively simple dress, but it’s got impact to it and it flatters her tremendously. Love the bracelets and LOVELOVELOVE the flat sandals. Elegant and chic. And did you ever think we’d use those words to describe Miss Maggie, who once prompted us to admit that we always think she smells like nursing home pee? We certainly never did. Score: 9/10, mostly for putting out a personal best.

Combined Score: 9.25/10. Maggie, can we suggest you always take Viola along with you for public appearances? She seems to bring out the best in you.



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