Nicki Minaj Saves the Day

Posted on September 25, 2012

You know what you all need after a day of Emmys gowns? CRAZY-ASS SHIT.

Nicki? That’s your cue.


Nicki Minaj attends launch of her new fragrance “Pink Friday” at Macy’s Herald Square in NYC.

You see, if you’re anything like us, you get a little antsy after about your 60th gown. It’s at that point that we find ourselves fervently wishing that someone would just say “Fuck it,” and hit the red carpet looking like an insane clown with great boobs. This is why God invented Nicki Minaj; so that bitches like us could take a break from discussing lace and chiffon and beading and sequins and just say “Nicki Minaj? You crazy! WERQ!” and other such utterances that silly gay men make.  She’s like a fashion amuse-bouche come down from heaven.

She looks awesome (no, really), but we have two points to make:

  1. Girl, if you’re gonna wear your crazy pants without a top, make sure you can pull the zipper all the way up.
  2. Even in the outrageously self-absorbed world of the celebrity, a fragrance bottle shaped like the celebrity’s head is perhaps a bit egotistical. Could you imagine if Chanel No. 5 bottles were shaped like Coco’s head? Or, God forbid, Karl’s?


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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