In or Out: Maggie Grace

Posted on September 26, 2012

Darlings, what do we all think of Miss Maggie, here?


Maggie Grace attends the premiere of ‘Won’t Back Down’ in New York.

Because we are having the very worst of reactions: pure ambivalence. Let’s break this down. Walk with us.

  • The blouse? It’s colorful, certainly. But it’s also pure Golden Girls.
  • The shorts? They help mitigate the somewhat old-lady look of the blouse. And she’s smart, because her incredibly long legs are one of her best features. We question whether leather hot pants are appropriate for a movie premiere, though.
  • The shoes? Fabulous and fun, but way too matchy for our tastes.
  • The bag? Nondescript.
  • Hair and makeup? Okay. It’s kind of hard to screw up when you’ve got a great canvas to work with (although to be fair, plenty of great canvases have hit the red carpet with highly questionable makeup).

End result? WE DON’T KNOW. Opinions are our stock in trade and we just can’t seem to work one up.

Isn’t it cute and kind of disgusting how we talk about our opinions like they’re phlegmballs?

Anyway, she looks cute-hot, but too matchy, and we’re not sold on the idea of wearing something like this to a premiere. Kittens make the call. Hack up some opinions, y’all. We seem to be tapped out.



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IN! Work those stems, doll!


OUT! Work the other side of the street, girl. This is MY corner!


Emilia Clarke’s very non-Khaleesi-like Chanel got an OUT from the minions.


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