In or Out: Cobie Smulders in Temperley London

Posted on September 20, 2012

Coming off a rather fantastic summer, Cobie returns to her day job a full-fledged movie star. And she looks it. Unfortunately…

Cobie Smulders attends the CBS 2012 fall premiere party in West Hollywood, California in a Temperley London dress paired with Jimmy Choo ‘Cosmic’ pumps.

Temperley London Aspen Jacquard Dress

She looks like a movie star in 1956.

We think she looks mostly great, but there’s something just a little too on-point with the way she was styled. It’s like someone looked at this dress – which is fabulous, by the way – realized it had a mid-Century thing going on, and simply made ever decision after that based on how Lana Turner would have dressed. The black pumps, serious red lips and upswept hair all combine to make her look camera-ready for a  fifties “women’s picture” melodrama. She’s the “serious businesswoman” (read: pancake mix entrepreneur) who doesn’t have time for love, but falls for her simple-minded Connecticut gardener to the disapproval of all her pancake mix empire co-ladies, none of whom dress as well as she does, half of whom wear really unflattering glasses because in the ’50s, if you were sexually repressed or just a bitch, you were issued a pair of unflattering glasses by the government. Something to do with the Cold War, we think.

Anyway, we love this dress, but we would have picked a more modern pair of shoes to go with it and done something a little more interesting with the hair. We also would’ve chosen some jewelry with a little oomph to it.

But it’s not a bad look at all. If anyone can pull off mid-Century chic, Cobie can. She’s got the face of a movie star so she may as well play it to the hilt.


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Cat Deeley got voted IN by a whole bunch of kittens who made it perfectly clear that they didn’t care what she wears, they just love her. Hmmph.

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