EW Pre-Emmy Party Red Carpet

Posted on September 23, 2012

Darlings, it’s no rest for the weary here at T Lo Weariness International. As much as we’d like to rest on the seventh day, we cannot, for it is EMMY DAY, darlings. That means we have a shit-ton of pre-Emmy dresses to rip! Yes! That’s a thing! A pre-Emmy dress! If we all dressed like celebrities we’d have to get up every morning, put on our pre-work outfit, go to work, put on our work outfit, work, put on our pre-going home outfit, go home, and then put on our home outfit. Do you see just how hard it is to be a celebrity? Won’t you give, darlings? Won’t you?


Allison Williams in Oscar de la Renta

Pretty, but after looking at several of her red carpet appearances, we have to say, she dresses way too conservatively for her age and station.


Aubrey Plaza

Love the dress; hate the shoes paired with it.


Christa B. Allen in Alberta Ferretti

Honey, save that dress for your TV mom. That’s a Victoria Grayson original if ever we saw one. She looks good, but stiff. And the shoes are pulling focus.



Garcelle Beauvais

An inch more on the hem and a contrasting-color clutch would have taken this to where it needs to go. Still don’t love the shoes, though.

Is everyone deliberately wearing shoes T Lo hates? Are they taunting us now?


Georgia King

Yellow is not your color, dear. And Allison Williams is pissed at you for stealing her shoes.


Ginnifer Goodwin in Jenny Packham

Cute. And considering how badly she normally dresses, that’s really saying something.

The shoes… we can’t.


Jennie Garth in Gabriela Cadena


Just got off her shift at the Wonka factory, we see.


Kate Walsh

Enh. It’s all right.


Kathleen Robertson

Cute. But girl, that’s not your hairstyle.


Katie Cassidy

It’s got just enough design interest to keep us from snoring. A pop of color at the feet would have been nice.


Krysten Ritter in Christian Dior

That’s a pretty stunning look – and we don’t even mind the grannie panties. We do, however, think they should be the same color as the dress. If you’re going to do it, at least make it look like part of the ensemble.

Also, the shoes don’t go.


Lana Parrilla in Rachel Gilbert

Just okay.


Minnie Driver

Also just okay.


Morena Baccarin

Cute, but what the hell is going on with those shoes?



Rachel Leigh Cook in David Meister

Cute dress. Should’ve been bolder in the accessories choices.



Sarah Hyland

Terrible color; bridesmaid shoes.


Shenae Grimes in Stylestalker

Seriously. Are the stylists just all fucking with us now? Did they get together and collectively decide they were going to make every starlet’s feet look ridiculous?



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