Diane Kruger in NY

Posted on September 19, 2012

Since it’s gotten awfully gown-y around here lately, let’s take a look at some street fashion. And of course, when one says “street fashion” in the context of discussing celebrities, then one can be sure that one is discussing outfits most normal people wouldn’t bother with when they’re trying to get through their day.

But darlings, isn’t that what celebrities are for? To take our daily drudgery and then blow it up into something unrecognizable but nonetheless entertaining as hell? Yes. Yes they are. Modern court jesters for the masses.


Diane Kruger out and about in the Soho district of New York.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Acrylic and Metal Cat-eye Sunglasses

Nina Ricci ASAP Satchel


Clearly, Diane’s on location shooting scenes from an upcoming movie where she plays a fashion editor from the outback who winds up on the streets of New York, frantically trying to get her phone to work.  Maybe there are cyborg dingoes or something after her.

Either way, this is clearly a look only a stylist or costume designer could come up with. It’s freaking adorable on Diane but it should, by all rights, look like total ass. The skirt/dress is fabulous in any case, but the denim vest, floppy hat, and booties? That should take it straight to Eddie Monsoon territory, but somehow, it all just works.

[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews.com, neimanmarcus.com, bluefly.com]

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