WERQ: Christina Hendricks Figures it Out

Posted on August 22, 2012

There can be no doubt, kittens.


Christina Hendricks attends Jaguar Playboy VIP Reception in Pebble Beach, California.

Miss Lady DEFINITELY got herself a new stylist. Four outfits in a row, ranging from good to perfect? That doesn’t just happen for no reason. And people don’t normally figure out their own dressing flaws overnight. No, after several years of getting beat up by bitches like us, Miss Christina said, “Fine, you little pains in the ass. I’ll hire someone.”

This silhouette is perfect for her. Oh sure, some will say that adding volume to her top half is counterproductive, but we think it works because the assets are still on full display (although surprisingly demure for Playboy party) but don’t look like they’re being squished or like they’re being shoved in everyone’s face. The hair once again looks great (and we’re inclined to agree with several kittens who declared it a wig yesterday), but we’re a little surprised her makeup is so clean. She’s at a Playboy/Jaguar party, looking sexy as hell, and yet she downplayed the face paint. We’re thinking a bright red lip would have been the perfect capper to this look. Either way, girlfriend is WERQing that bod like she finally figured it out. SNAPS to you, doll.


[Photo Credit: JaguaUSA]

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