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Posted on August 30, 2012

Bar La Vue, Paris

Darlings, unlike last week, when we needed a drink because we had a shitastic day, this week we’re raising our glasses in CELEBRATION! Why? Because it was a very good week for T Lo. Also: perhaps we shouldn’t turn to drink so much.

In other exciting news, we are fully loaded for Fashion Week. New outfits have been procured, alterations have been made, and carbs have been banished. And with a hundred invites sitting on our desk, a profile of us set to run that week in the New York Times and another one set to run in Newsday, it is so fucking ON, bitches. Throw open the doors, Fashion Week, we’re coming in! And we’re HUNGRY!

Guest Judge, Lord & Taylor Executive Bonnie Brooks, Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and Heidi Klum.

Tonight’s the night when we find out which one of the shrieking marmosets gets to have their dress included in the Project Runway collection for Lord & Taylor. Our money’s on Dmitry, but you never know, because this is right up Ven’s alley.

Also, since we’re preening today, we might as well make you all jealous by letting you know that Jay McCarroll is coming over tonight with a bottle of wine so we can all bitch our way through tonight’s episode. We’ve already warned him that we’re going to tweet every single bitchy thing he says and he’s rarin’ to go. We’ll be twitter-twattering the SHIT out of this mother, like we always do, so don’t forget to follow along.

Looks like this is the one that finally sends Insane in the Ukraine over the edge, you guys. We better start hitting the hard stuff now.


[Video Credit: myLifetime.com – Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for myLifetime.com, worldsbestbars.com]

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