The Jonas Brothers in Topman

Posted on August 22, 2012


The Jonas brothers makes an appearance on the Today Show in NYC in head-to-toe Topman.

We’ll start off by apologizing to the fangurls, because we can’t look at these three without thinking how incredibly dorky they look. And we resolutely refuse to learn which one is which. Memorizing Jonas brothers or Olsen twins are jobs for entertainment journalists and magazine editors. We can’t be bothered.

But critiquing their outfits? We’re all over that.

Of the three of them, Fuzzy Jonas looks the best. It takes a special man to make orange pleated pants work and bless his heart, he’s pulling it off. Love that shirt.


High-hair Jonas looks the worst. Not because we don’t like these pieces, but because we don’t think they’re working for him. Those are Very Special Pants and you really need to have Doctorate-level pants-wearing skills to pull them off. We like the shirt, but the buttoned-up look makes him look prissy when paired with those pants.


Eyebrows Jonas also gets our respect for walking the streets in a butterfly shirt. That takes some balls. He’s the only one who wore fairly basic pants, but can you blame him? You can’t pair clown pants with a butterfly shirt and expect to be taken seriously.


All teasing aside, we like all these pieces but we don’t think all of them suit the wearer. And then there’s the fact that they’re dressed pretty much identically, wearing pieces all from the same designer: brown loafers, beltless pants, button-down shirts and one wild print a piece. From a style perspective, that’s kind of lame. Show some individuality, boys. Even those Olsen twins manage to dress differently. We always urge celebrities to find themselves good stylists, but the trick to celebrity style is to not look like someone picked out all your clothes for you.


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