The ATAS Cocktail Reception Red Carpet

Posted on August 22, 2012

The Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences held something called a performers peer group cocktail reception, which makes it sounds like a particularly dreary management conference when it’s really just a pre-Emmys party. But surprisingly – and we mean really surprisingly – pretty much everyone showed up looking good to great. What’s THAT all about?



Amy Poehler in Veronica Beard

She’s always had a problem picking dresses that flatter, which always struck us as odd because she’s got a great little bod. This dress is perfect for her, and while we think the shoes are just a bit too much, they make us smile so we’re willing to overlook them.


Jason Ritter

We always feel bad critiquing him because he’s always got the most adorably sweet smile on the red carpet. There’s no “too cool for school” attitude with this one, which is notable because he grew up with a very famous father and Hollywood Brats are not known for growing into likeable adults.

So we say this with love: hem those damn pants and ditch the square-toed shoes, Jason.


Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Oh, Jesse Tyler, those are NOT your frames. Leave them to the 20-something to wear ironically. On you, they just make you look like a dorky algebra teacher. The rest of the outfit’s cute, though.


Julie Bowen in Christophe Josse

Nothing earth-shattering, but she looks cute. She tends toward very severe looks, so its nice to see her getting in touch with her softer side (which sounds really dirty when we word it that way).


Lily Tomlin

The pants are a little too full and we’re not in love with the boots, but this is a great outfit for her.


Max Greenfield

Very cute. But GET YOUR DAMN HANDS OUT OF YOUR POCKETS. Otherwise, we’re just gonna call you “LadyHips” from now on.


Mayim Bialik in Tadashi Shoji

Give it up for Blossom, folks. She just barely managed to hold on to all 5 fingers after a bad car accident and here she is, showing up on the RC looking pretty damn good. The sash is a little sad, though.


Sarah Paulson in Isabel Marant

 Cute dress, and her hair looks awesome, but those shoes make us wince.


Sofia Vergara

 This is fine, but we think another inch on the hem would have made this look a little better, from a proportions perspective.


Zoeey Deschanel in Dolce&Gabbana

Very cute, but we hate the pumps. We wonder if she just doesn’t like the way her legs look in pictures because she’s constantly wearing tights and hose with outfits that don’t really need them. Or maybe she only shaves once a week.



[Photo Credit: Getty]

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