T LOunge

Posted on August 23, 2012

Jesus, Mary and Oprah, darlings; WE NEED A DRINK.


Gilt Bar, New York City

Join us, won’t you? We’re hot; we want carbs, and Yahoo! Sports linked to our Serena Williams post, sending droves of horny fanboys our way and causing the site to go all kinds of cray-cray for an hour or two there. We, for our parts, responded by running around and yelling while our cats looked on drowsily. They’re used to this sort of thing. Our friends didn’t used to call us “Lucy and Ricky” for nothing, y’know.

Fashion designer Alice Temperley, Nina Garcia, Michael Kors, and Heidi Klum

 Blahblahblah. Who do we have to blow to get a drink around here?


We didn’t even look at the preview. You guys tell us what it says. We’re gonna get a tab started. Top shelf okay with y’all?


[Photo Credit:  Xavi Menós for ninagarcia.com, giltnewyork.com – Video: myLifetime.com]

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