‘Sparkle’ Premiere Red Carpet

Posted on August 17, 2012

Darlings, it was the premiere of “Sparkle” and all the stars came out to do just that, some more than others.

Can we just say? Does anyone else find the ads for this movie a little weird? “Starring Jordin Sparks! Cee Lo Green! And Whitney Houston.” Excuse me, bitch? Shouldn’t that be “…And, in her final screen appearance, THE LEGENDARY WHITNEY HOUSTON?” Of course it should. Correct that promptly, people in charge.

Mkay, hit it, Sparklers!


Amber Riley

Big ol’ NO on those ridiculously unflattering shoes. As for the rest, we’ve seen better from her. That top does nothing for her and the color scheme is boring.


Be Be Winans

Nicely done. Exactly how an older man should dress if he’s trying to look both respectable and hot at the same time.


Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina Brown

His suit is cut very oddly. The jacket’s too long and the vest is too high. Bobbi K looks pretty good, all things considered. The shoes are silly, though.


Brely Evans

Honey, we love you for bringing the drama to the RC, but the general rule is crazy dress OR crazy shoes. Never both at the same time. Actually, let’s amend that. Never those shoes. Ever. Under any circumstances.


Carmen Ejogo

Pretty. A little droopy-looking, though.


Christina Milian

We don’t love the sleeves, but we think this is a pretty good way to go for a “Sparkle” premiere. She looks cute. Skirt’s too high.


Cicely Tyson

This is completely crazy (especially for August), but she’s a fucking legend and besides, you spend 40 years playing ancient maids and aged slaves and and see how YOU get dressed up when you get the chance.


Debra Martin Chase


That dress is SCARY.


 Salli Elise Richardson and Dondre Whitfield

Her dress is cute, if a little plain. We love his shoes but he appears to be wearing a Hefty bag as a shirt. But hey, at least he fills it out nicely.


Elise Neal

We’re not huge fans of side cutouts. They always look tacky no matter what. And this dress looks oddly twisted and askew on her.


Flex Alexander and Shanice Lorraine Wilson-Knox

 They both look adorable, although his jacket is too long.


Garcelle Beauvais

 Garcelle, we love ya, and you certainly have the bod for this dress, but this is lingerie.



It’s about time someone remembered the title of the movie is SPARKLE.

Love the hair.


Jenifer Lewis

 We absolutely hate sheer overlays, but this is actually a very cute and flattering dress on her. A shame about the shoes.


Jennia Fredrique

 It’s insanely attention-grabbing without being vulgar or tacky. It’s not our favorite dress, but she cuts quite a figure in it.


Jordin Sparks

 Gotta give it to her. She looks amazing.


LisaRay McCoy

 It’s not bad, but the headband takes it straight to Bridal Land.


Loretta Devine

 She looks adorable. Love the top. This is a huge improvement for her.


Michael Jai White

 Did he find that suit on the side of a road somewhere? That’s the only thing that could explain the complete lack of fit.


Naturi Naughton

 Killin’ it. Love the hair.


Omari Hardwick

We question gray loafers with a tuxedo, but we’re pretty sure all sartorial rules get tossed when the tuxedo is faux-croc.  Except for the shoes, we think he looks pretty sharp.


Ray J

 He’d be acceptable if he got those ridiculous pants hemmed.


Tika Sumpter

 Serving it the fuck UP, bitches.


Vivica A. Fox

 Don’t like the pinhead hair at all, but she looks good, otherwise.


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