Robert Pattinson, Where the Streets Have No Name

Posted on August 16, 2012

Y’know, we were really disappointed with the way the whole Cruise/Holmes divorce drama resolved itself and fizzled out so quickly.


Robert Pattinson makes his way out of his New York hotel to meet Cosmopolis director David Cronenberg for lunch.

We thought we had a whole summer of Katie wearing dramatic outfits in public that we would then break down and attempt to divine some meaning or hidden message to the public. Oh, kittens. It would have been so much fun.


But then we wonder why this whole Twilight adultery scandal does absolutely nothing for us. Is it because we find the idea that these two kids ever had a serious romantic relationship (or any sort of relationship at all outside of a working one) to be utterly ludicrous on the face of it? From our seats, it’s always been another in a long and grand Hollywood tradition of co-stars publicly dating in order to promote their movies. But then, is there anyone who really thinks Tom and Katie’s relationship was based solely on twue wove or any less career-oriented? Hardly.


Robert Pattinson arrives to ‘Good Morning America’ for his first network interview since his girlfriend Kristen Stewart publicly admitted to cheating on him, to discuss his upcoming movie ‘Cosmopolis’ in New York City.

We guess it comes down to this: There was a sense of “You’re free, Katie! Go over the wall!” in the Cruise/Holmes coverage. Pretty much EVERYONE, including mainstream entertainment journalism, treated it like the inevitable dissolution of a contract that everyone could see wasn’t a good idea in the first place. But the R Patz/K Stew thing is all “HARLOT!” “HEARTBROKEN!” and broken down in simplistic and easily digested chunks of the Good One and the Bad One. The heartbreaker and the heartbroken. Please. We can’t spend longer than ten seconds trying to consider it without feeling silly. With Katie and Tom, there was such a sense of mystery hanging over their whole relationship and that vibe continued through their breakup. With Rob and Kristen, it’s been pushed into our faces so hard and so obviously that we find it all pretty boring.


But hey, good job playing the part, Rob. From “I’m disheveled and wandering the streets aimlessly because my heart is broken,” to “Check out my new shades! I’m ready to date again!” Well played, sir.


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