PR: Team Shrieky

Posted on August 17, 2012

All things considered, what with all the shrieking and poo-flinging going on in the monkey cage that the workroom has become, both teams produced a lineup of looks that eachhad their ups and downs, but mostly came across as competent if unexciting entries. In other words, for all the drama, there were few outright disasters.


Although it’s telling that both the winner and the loser came from this team. We were a litte torn on which teams should have had a higher score overall, but we were leaning pretty hard toward the other one. And we found the idea of tie to be a big velvet bag full of bullshit.



This is how everything photographed. Of course everything looks magnitudes better in staged photos, so we’d normally suggest ignoring them, but it was obvious that the judges based their decisions on how it was going to look in a magazine. And they should, of course, because that was part of the challenge, but it led them to making some fairly ridiculous pronouncements about what constitutes workwear for most women and it led them to praising some outfits that looked pretty assy under the harsh lights of the runway.


Alicia Hardesty and Elena Slivnyak

We’ll give Insane in the Ukraine some credit for finding yet another way to marry her aesthetic to the challenge, but this silhouette has got to stop. And the pants look pretty sad. They work, but there’s nothing interesting or exciting about them.



Dmitry Sholokhov

It’s a great little dress (if highly referential of several other recent designs), but the back cutouts did him in. If only he’d made a jacket for it. Although we’re not sure how he could have put a jacket over those shoulders.


Alicia Hardesty and Elena Slivnyak

It’s fine. Competent. Appropriate. But it’s not exciting in any way. Even a little color would have helped here.

Anyone else getting tired of the suede crayola pumps on that accessories wall? Designers: they won’t magically transform your outfits.


Raul Osorio and Sonjia Williams

We guess we’re coming around on Raul’s auf’ing. This is okay, but the only part that makes it interesting is the skirt, once again made by Sonjia. We don’t actually love that skirt but it’s the only thing going on in the outfit. We don’t think either of Raul’s tops were particularly bad, but for all the drama he presented, he should have had more to offer than department store finds.



[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for – Stills:]

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