PR: Various Trainwrecks

Posted on August 03, 2012

The sweet, creamy crack smoke was wafting through the air of that studio, kittens.

Gunnar Deatherage and Kooan Kosuke
Irina Shabayeva (Season 6)

We figure you want some sort of examination or breakdown of this look, as well as a reaction to the fact that it wound up in the top, vying for the win.

But we promised at the start of the season that we wouldn’t get too worked up anymore and we’ll do our best to keep things light, so here it is in a nutshell

  1. It’s a shit dress and it looks like it was made out of dishtowels.
  2. The only reason it was in the top was to give Gunnar an even bigger head and fill him with pie-eyed dreams of winning the whole thing (See: Josh and Michael Costello), which will cause him to become even more obnoxious and delusional and hopefully lead to a dramatic meltdown when he finally gets cut.
  3. Frokemon should never be sad.
  4. Irina’s still kind of a bitch.
  5. Gunnar’s dress sense is both deplorable and hilarious at the same time. He has no idea.
  6. Irina stood with her arms crossed in front the entire time and we were never shown any footage of the judges asking to see the back, where all the worst problems manifested. Discuss.


Andrea Katz and Christopher Palu
Anya Ayoung-Chee (Season 9)


Anya’s a minute little thing, but this actually managed to make her look … we’ll say “curvy.” At the very least, it added pounds and inches to her. Look how tiny her head looks all of a sudden.

It looks cheap and poorly made. End of discussion. The “solution” to the neckline issue was an absolutely terrible idea; hence, Christopher’s melodramatic response to it. We can’t blame him, really. He was trying to (or at least paying lip service to the idea of) be respectful toward people he considers to have greater experience than him, and yet, here’s Tim and Andrea saying, “We’ll just cover it up!” Problem solved!” We would have looked at them both like they were nuts too.

As we said in the previous post, he didn’t exactly handle it in the best possible manner, but everything he said about Andrea appeared to be true based on the footage we saw – and she pretty much lied when she denied saying she didn’t care if she went home. And if it’s true that she bolted in the middle of the night, that makes it all even worse. If she wanted to go home, she should have said so when she was directly asked that on the runway. We don’t particularly care about the fate of Raoul, but she watched them cut him loose and then bailed a few hours later herself. He might have handled all of this better, but saying that puts all the work on him. Bottom line: she made herself an issue that needed to be handled, denied it when she got called on it, and booked in the middle of the night after claiming that she wanted to stay. We’ll reserve final judgment until we get the rest of the story next week, but if sides must be taken, we’re on his right now.


[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for – Stills:]

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