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Posted on August 24, 2012

To be honest, we think what’s most disappointing about the output this week is how bland or awkward it all is. Except for Fabio’s, none of the other designs seem to have any real style to them.


Dmitry Sholokhov

We really felt bad for Dmitry. You could tell he was beat down a little by his lack of a win. But we’re sorry to say, the minute this walked out on the runway, we knew it wasn’t going to happen.


It’s a perfectly nice dress, but that’s about all you can say about it. She looks good in it, but there’s nothing particularly exciting about the design. This would be a perfect ending look for What Not to Wear, but for a design competition, it’s underwhelming. But hey, she got a great haircut out of it.

Step it up, Dmitry.


Gunnar Deatherage

Gunnar had a leg up in this challenge. He has had more experience with private clients than a lot of the designers.

There was a bit of a redemption edit going on with him (and we once again point out the suspicious “random” assignment of clients), but it didn’t surprise us that he was sweet and pleasant to his client. We’re starting to think his earlier bitch act just got too exhausting to keep up. Although we won’t count out any future shriekfests.


And she sashayed down that runway like no lady ever has before, bless her.

But those were the only reasons this wound up in the top 3: Gunnar’s redemption edit and his model’s runway strut. The dress itself is pretty bad. It’s poorly made and demonstrates some questionable design decisions,; that neckline is is unflattering as hell, as is the … empire waist? We guess that’s what we’d call it. Really, it’s just a line cutting right under her boobs. And the whole thing is askew.


Sonjia Williams

This is what it looks like when when we open our dryer after having put too many bed sheets in it.


Not much else to say except it’s too short and that knot is too large and set too high. A rare misstep from Tootie. But hey, at least her own outfit is kind of fabulous.



Ven Budhu

The top is absolutely awful. The skirt isn’t bad, but it’s OBVIOUSLY not the skirt for her, if for no other reason than you can tell she’s not comfortable wearing it.

And he made her look much larger than she actually is, which isn’t all that surprising. If you think anyone above a certain size is impossible to fit, then you’re going to turn out something that fits them terribly and does nothing to flatter them.

Bleh. We’ve said all there is worth saying on this one.



[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for – Stills:]

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