PR: The Unremembered

Posted on August 13, 2012

Hit it, hos!

Alicia Hardesty

We would seriously love everything here if it fit her correctly. As it is, the poor gal looks as hung as a gay porn star in those pants.



Elena Slivnyak

We give her a lot of credit for figuring out a way to marry her aesthetic to sportswear, but if she makes one more Romulan jacket, the judges are going to get pissed off. Time to retire this silhouette for the foreseeable future, Elena.


Gunnar Deatherage

A set of decent ideas somewhat poorly rendered. The skirt fabric’s too heavy for what he was trying to do, which is a shame, because it looks like a decent design. The top, we’re sorry to say, is just a bit on the tacky side. He’s starting to remind us a bit of S3’s Kayne, who had a similar flamboyance to his designs and a similar need to examine his decision-making process.


Melissa Fleis

It was perhaps a bit much in terms of volume and drape – at least for day wear – but this is surprisingly attractive. That is to say, it got more attractive the longer we looked at it. She’s got the chops, that Ashley-Kate. But she’s got to start using some color.


Nathan Paul

Just okay in terms of design. Horrifyingly bad in terms of the matchy-match accessories. And her hair is all wrong. And that color looks awful on her.



Ven Bhudu

We knew it. Given too much free rein, he has a tendency to overwork and overthink. That’s what we’re seeing, at least. He’s Rami 2.0. Extremely talented with a taste for the elegant, but too serious; which means that seriousness sometimes gets unleashed on the poor dress form. It’s an okay design (and JUST okay), but the fabric looks tortured into submission.


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