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Posted on August 06, 2012


Buffi Jashanmal and Elena Slivnyak
Laura Bennett (Season 3)

It’s funny. We’ve been friends with Laura for so long now (almost 6 years), that we forget everyone else isn’t that lucky. During the episode, twitter and the T LOunge lit up with “It’s Laura! I missed her!” And we were all, “Missed her?” Oh. Right. We keep forgetting about that line that separates television and reality in our lives. It’s a line we’ve crossed so many times – Seriously, we must have said “It feels like we just got sucked into our TV” about 200 times in the last 6 years – that we forget how unique an experience it is.

Anyway, Laura honey, we luvya, but you should have pulled a knife out of your purse when they started giving you this hairstyle.

The dress isn’t that bad, all things considered. It’s not quite Laura’s style, but then again, we know her style really well and can’t expect everyone to pick it up in one 30-minute meeting. The bodice is kind of interesting in its design, but ultimately, the dress looks too big and blousey on her, and the overall effect is kind of funereal and depressing. Laura does dazzling blacks, not depressing ones.


Nathan Paul and Sonjia Williams
Valerie Mayen (Season 8)

To be honest, we think this deserved its spot in the middle. It’s not a bad dress, but that’s about the only thing we can say about it. The design is about as standard as it gets (although the chevron in the back is a nice touch), rendered in a very expected fabric, in terms of red carpet style. In other words, they were given a red carpet assignment and churned out a fairly pedestrian gold gown.

And to be honest, we don’t think it flattered her all that much.


Dmitry Sholokhov and Melissa Fleis
April Johnston (Season 8)

You know what? This totally should have won. We originally thought it only deserved to be in the Top 3, but looking at it again, we think it should have won over Ven and Fabio’s Ethel Mertz redux. This is dramatic and beautifully made. Even better, it’s unique and it went very far in taking the wearer into consideration. April’s not someone whose style translates to the red carpet, but somehow Dmitry and Ashley-Kate pulled it off. It’s a little funky around her midsection, but otherwise, it’s a stunning look that really sets off April’s hair and figure.


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