PR: The Ones You Forgot About

Posted on August 27, 2012

Ven may have sucked up all the oxygen in the room, but apparently, while all that drama was going on, other people made dresses.


Alicia Hardesty

It’s a bit of a surprise coming from Alicia, and it speaks to her flexibility as a designer. This is clearly not her aesthetic, but she did just enough to a basic cocktail dress to make it interesting and put her own touches on it. Those side panels are deeply unfortunate, however. The bust is the only part that looks like Alicia to us.


Christopher Palu

This was well done and probably should have been in the top 3 over Gunnar’s, but in the end, this is kind of matronly. A well made dress, and possibly even one that his client loved, but not exactly stylish or fashion-forward.


Elena Slivnyak

We give Elena all the credit in the world for stepping so far out of her comfort zone. Obviously the aggressive silhouettes she favors weren’t going to fly with this client. She tried to put her own touches in; such as the shoulder treatment and the – it has to be said – sad little peplum. This isn’t a good look by any stretch of the imagination, but she worked hard to combine the uncombinable: her aesthetic and her client’s.


Melissa Fleis

This was a huge disappointment from Melissa, who’s shown herself to be a fairly smart and adept designer. She was upset that her client kept the dress covered it up, but it seems pretty obvious from the body language that this gal felt the need to cover herself up. Strapless mini-dresses aren’t for every woman and this woman clearly didn’t feel comfortable in hers. It’s not a bad design at all; it’s just totally wrong for this client.


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