PR: Judging the Judges, Week 7

Posted on August 31, 2012

Hit it, ladies!

Heidi Klum in Dolce&Gabbana

Dear members of the Project Runway judging panel: We’ve spent the last six years coming up with creative ways to describe dresses. As professionals in this sphere, we beg you to stop defaulting to “disco ball” every time someone wears a sequin. It was played out by 2007.

Having said that, this is a perfectly cute and Heidi-appropriate dress that looks good on camera. But it’s all kind of boring at this point. And the matchy shoes make our eyes twitch. Also: the beach hair is disappointing.


This Week’s Score: 3/5

Cumulative S10 Score: 3.46/5


Bonnie Brooks from Lord & Taylor

She acquitted herself nicely. She’s not a model, actress or public figure, so we wouldn’t expect her to exhibit world-class styling. This is a slightly interesting take on business wear. The skirt and shoes are great. And while the top is kind of interesting, that neckline came across a bit too fussy on camera.


This Week’s Score: 3/5


Previous Guest Judge Scores:
Alice Temperley: 5/5
Joanna Coles: 4.25/5
Rachel Roy: 4/5
Hayden Pannetiere: 4/5
Krysten Ritter: 4.25/5
Dylan Lauren: 4/5
Lauren Graham:4/5
Pat Field: 4/5



Nina Garcia in Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2012 Collection

Oh please. There’s no question here. The lady is KILLIN’ IT. We all knew she was hardcore, but when a judge straps on the freaking CHAIN MAIL, designers start quivering in their booties. And thus, all is right with the world.


This Week’s Score: 5/5

Cumulative S10 Score: 4.49/5


WINNER, WEEK FOUR: Nina, who haughtily snatches her crown back and affixes it firmly to her head.


[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for,]

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