PR: Judging the Judges, Week 6

Posted on August 24, 2012


Oooh, the ladies brought their A game this week.

The Duchess, as per usual, is off playing a game of his own. But hey, nice Chucks.


Alice Temperley in Temperley London

Temperley London Fall 2012 Collection

That dress is absolutely gorgeous. And it couldn’t possibly suit her any better than it does. It’s impossible to look at her and not think “British fashion designer.” And it not only looks great on her, it looks great on camera and great sitting down. There’s not a thing we’d change about this look


This Week’s Score: 5/5


Previous Guest Judge Scores:
Joanna Coles: 4.25
Rachel Roy: 4/5
Hayden Pannetiere: 4/5
Krysten Ritter: 4.25/5
Dylan Lauren: 4/5
Lauren Graham:4/5
Pat Field: 4/5




Heidi Klum in Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Toga Striped Jersey Dress 
[Belt by Oscar de la Renta]

Yves Saint Laurent Red Brushed Leather Platform Pump

Dayum. Girl, that is SO your dress. This might be the best thing we’ve ever seen her wear. It’s a gorgeous dress and she’s rocking the hell out of it. We don’t think that was the best belt choice in the world, though.


This Week’s Score: 4.75/5

Cumulative S10 Score: 3.54/5



Nina Garcia in Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham Fall 2012 Collection

Any other week and La Nina might have been in the lead once again, but while this is tasteful and chic, it doesn’t have nearly the impact of the other two dresses. She looks as fabulous as she always does, but Heidi apparently got her second wind and Alice is too chic to ignore.


This Week’s Score: 4.5/5

Cumulative S10 Score: 4.41/5


WINNER, WEEK FOUR: Alice Temperley! A guest judge wins it for the second week in a row! Heidi and Nina FUME while Kors suppresses a laugh!



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