PR: Judging the Judges, Week 4

Posted on August 10, 2012


Look at the Duchess in his white jeans! You go, girl! We’re still not gonna bother rating you, though.


Heidi Klum

Wow. Kors needs to get some sleep!

While the nerd in us (i.e., Tom) appreciates Heidi’s salute to The Legion of Doom‘s Giganta …


Michael Kors One-shoulder dress, Leopard Print

We tend to think it works best when one is sitting around plotting the takeover of the world, rather than deciding which attention whore goes home this week.

Oh, we’re teasing. It’s just so easy with Fraulein Tightshortandshiny. We like the dress, actually. It’s the belt we despise. DESPISE, kittens. Maybe this Klingon belt (We’re sorry. We promise that’s the last nerd-reference.) would work on a different outfit, but it’s a HORRIBLE choice to pair with this dress. For that matter, so is the jewelry. Animal print, in our opinion, generally requires simple and bold accessories, but not busy ones. We also think black pointy-toed pumps are a REALLY odd choice here. Totally takes the whole outfit to Cougar Land. Thematically speaking, a sandal makes way more sense. One simple cuff (maybe not quite so big as Giganta’s), a pair of sandals, and a black leather belt could’ve made this a perfect score.

This Week’s Score: 3.75/5

Cumulative S10 Score: 3.1875/5



Nina GarciaPants by Balenciaga

Michael Kors Fall 2012 Collection

Giuseppe Zanotti Spiked Sandal

We don’t know, Nina. It’s chic, certainly. But it’s awfully… understated, wouldn’t you say? Granted, she probably didn’t know she’d be sitting next to Pebbles Flintstone when she chose the outfit, but Nina’s usually pretty good about yanking the spotlight away from the showier Klum by choosing chic outfits with some bit of drama to them. This looks like something she’d wear to a typical work day at Marie Claire. We might’ve gotten more excited if she’d worn one dramatic accessory to bump things up, but those shoes, while fabulous as hell, just don’t bring the drama the outfit needed to make it more telegenic. Still, a standard Nina work outfit is better than a standard Heidi “workin’ it” outfit nine times out of ten.

This Week’s Score: 4/5

Cumulative S10 Score: 4.495/5



Rachel Roy

We can’t see enough of the dress to get an idea of it, but it looks generally okay. It’s not our favorite color in the world, but she can wear it well. It’s the jacket that puzzles us. We think this jacket would look great with a pair of pants and maybe with skirt, but it seems like a really odd choice to wear over a dress; especially this dress. We also don’t think the shoes really go with anything and the necklace is way too heavy to pair with that jacket. It’s funny. We didn’t realize we had so many issues with this outfit until we really looked at it. We do love the panja, though. We didn’t even notice it on TV last night.

Score: 4/5


This Week’s Score: 4/5

Cumulative S10 Score: 3/5



Hayden Pannetiere

A bit tacky and a bit honky-tonk for our tastes. You’re 22, honey. Stop dressing like your mom. We don’t mind the shoes or the dress and we wouldn’t even mind them paired together in a different setting, but the combo of the gigantic platforms, the cleavage, and the slit in the skirt are all a bit much for this setting.

This Week’s Score: 4/5


Previous Guest Judge Scores:
Krysten Ritter: 4.25/5
Dylan Lauren: 4/5
Lauren Graham:4/5
Pat Field: 4/5


WINNER, WEEK FOUR: Nina & Rachel Roy



If we got the math wrong, we don’t want to hear it. We’re exhausted, kittens.

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