PR: Boys Town

Posted on August 20, 2012

Hey, remember that show Project Runway? Here are some reminders:

This is the collection we will discuss today. It’s admirably cohesive. Smells a little bit more like a resort collection than workwear, though.


Here are the designers of this collection. We will make them cry at some point. It is our life’s goal.


And here is how everything looked in pictures. Like stock photography.

And now, the individual assessment portion of our program.


Christopher Palu

He’s annoying as fuck (the patented “wide-eyed disbelief that anyone would act that way” look is getting TIRED, kid), but Costello-Lite does seem to have the goods. The jacket and top are extremely well made, but they couldn’t be more basic from a design perspective. It’s the skirt that deserves the real praise here. It’s a really sharp and interesting way to take a fabric one would normally assume to be totally inappropriate for a work skirt and making it work in high style. And it’s beautifully rendered, for the most part. We realize the fringe was intentional but a little trimming would have made it look less haphazard.


Fabio Costa

We really loved this look. It’s sharp and modern-looking, but minimalist enough to make it a perfect workday outfit. The only issue we have is the weird way it fits around her torso, giving her love handles. Fitted just a little better, this could have been the winner. The little half-turban is fun and photographs really well, but we don’t really see it as anything but a fanciful bit of styling. We got seriously annoyed with Kors when he acted a little put out by the turban. Literally two days before, he was praising Fabio for standing on the runway in a turban and ropes, urging him to put more of his style into his designs. Granted, it wasn’t the best way to interpret Kors’ advice (perhaps a bit too literal), but it was irritating to see Kors pretend to express puzzlement over it. Just come right out and say, “When I told you to utilize your personal style more, I didn’t mean you should be so literal about it.”

Gunnar Deatherage

Sweetcracker’s got the partial good too. His execution is always off and there are times when his taste level isn’t, as Nina would say, “quite there,” but he does seem to understand how to fulfill the dictates of a challenge, which is a better skill in this competition than you might think. This isn’t bad, but the pieces are kind of standard department store finds with a little flair.



Nathan Paul

This isn’t a terrible look, but it’s ridiculous to pass this off as standard workwear. We have no doubt that there are working women who have the kind of jobs where an outfit like this would be appropriate (Cruise Director comes to mind), but it’s clearly resort wear. We realize it’s been close to a decade since either of us had standard office jobs, but we’re pretty sure the rules haven’t changed all that much in the time we’ve been away and we don’t recall seeing many one-sleeved, off-the-shoulder blouses or side boob in any of the offices we worked in.



Ven Budhu

Of course.


[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for – Stills:]

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