PR: Boys on the Top, Boys on the Bottom

Posted on August 10, 2012


Before we get to ripping his dress, we have a few words to say to this one. GET THE HELL OVER YOURSELF, QUEEN. It’s not all about you.


We were sympathetic when he expressed some anxiety that he was the reason Andrea bolted. But then he wouldn’t shut the fuck up about it. And then he decided Buffi could benefit from his expertise, so he started critiquing her work without asking her if she would like his opinions. Look, Buffi’s dress was shit, but unless a fellow competitor asks you for advice, shut the fuck up. Even worse, he started pushing his own fabric on her. It was all way too “You need my expertise and taste to help you get through this.” Bitch, that’s what Tim Gunn is for.


But what really set us off was the whole wounded, wide-eyed, oh-so-noble, “How can anyone take issue with my actions? I was just trying to help. Oh, this is all just too much for me.” Ugh. Those kinds are the WORST. They think too highly of themselves and still want everyone to love them. Bleh. “Costello-Lite” looks more and more like the perfect nickname for him.


EXACTLY, Buffi. Exactly. That was the look on our faces too.



Christopher Palu

Maybe the judges loved this, but we thought it looked awful.

On what planet is this a day-to-night look? Who dresses like this during the day, or when they’re “on the go?” That’s an evening dress with an ill-fitted leather jacket over it. And it’s not even a good evening dress. That flounce is WAY too long. Who’d want that bouncing on their shin every time they take a step? Who wants a leather jacket so small they can’t zip it up?

And is it us, or was there an awful lot of copying going on this week? How many drapey dresses with twists did we see?


Dmitry Sholokhov

We weren’t a hundred percent in love with the bandoliers across the chest, but we have to agree with the judges that his execution skills are off the charts.

It’s tasteful, perfectly executed and well-fitted, with just enough of a twist to make it interesting. Personally, we would have been absolutely fine with a win here. In fact, even though we don’t love the criss-cross effect (We question whether it would work on any cup size larger than this chick’s.), this entire look is more elegant than Sonjia’s, which we loved, but thought had too many elements to it. Besides, this dress is deceptively simple. We love the little touches, like the way the opening in the back is constructed or the ever-so-slightly enhanced shoulders, which gives the garment more shape and allows it to hang better on her. The problem with Dmitry is the same one Laura Bennett had: the judges are taking his skills for granted and they’re not taking note of the little details in his work. They tend to wave him off as being too understated. We cheered Sonjia’s win, but he is way overdue for one himself. Unless he crashes and burns next week, it’s practically a given that he’ll get a make-up win.


Fabio Costa

This was cute. Standard as hell and to be found on department store racks across the world at the moment, but still; cute.


We’ll give the judges credit for the rather astute observation that this dress, while acceptable, looks nothing like Fabio. Obviously, a male womenswear designer wouldn’t be expected to dress like a woman himself, but look at the personal style of Michael Kors or Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein. Their womenswear has always reflected the way they dress themselves. Even someone like Jason Wu, who makes very lady-like dresses, tends to dress somewhat prissy himself. We wouldn’t recommend draping a model with ropes, but we’re all for plopping a turban on her head. But the judges weren’t being that literal in their critique; they merely meant that he has such a strongly declarative personal style that the rather standard dress he made doesn’t seem like he pushed himself or did what he really wanted to. Also: the necklace was a horrible choice.

We are SO JEALOUS that we could never look half that good in a turban.


Raul Osorio

Eduardo Munster needs to stop sticking his chest out and telling the room about how talented he is because every time the stiletto hits the runway, he looks more and more foolish. This was pure crap.






His ego got the better of him and he bit off way more than he could chew. He doesn’t have the technical and time-management skills to produce three pieces in a day. He should have scaled way back and toned his impulses way down. Even then, we doubt he would have done all that well. He left the show last week as cannon fodder and he remains so this week. Tick-tock, Eduardo.


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