Pairs Division: Gillan and Smith

Posted on August 27, 2012

On behalf of America, we would like to apologize to Great Britain for making these two step out of a Delorean.

Karen Gillan (we think in Dolce&Gabbana) and Matt Smith attend BBC America Presents: U.S. Premiere Screening of ‘Doctor Who’ held at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York City.

We can’t tell if that’s some sort of cheekily brilliant idea of combining the British iconography for time travel with the American one, or the idea of some PR flack who heard it was a show about time travel and just defaulted to Marty McFly.

Anyway, how adorable do these two look? We saw footage of them one time on one of those (many) Doctor Who specials, coming to New York for the first time to promote the show together and practically bouncing up and down with excitement. It was endearing as hell. Are the nerd boys and girls very psyched for the upcoming season? That wasn’t such a long wait, now was it?

Let’s do this:

SHE: Looks adorable, but we already said that, didn’t we? Well she does. Love the dress and love the little booties paired with it, which give the look just enough of a nerdy steampunk (one of the most overused words on the internet, but it applies) feel to make it perfect for the crowd and the event. Note that she wore no jewelry and kept her hair very casual. We’d ding her for that under different circumstances but frankly, if she wore that dress with silver strappy sandals, an up ‘do, and diamond earrings, she might technically look more put together but she wouldn’t be playing to the crowd. Amy Pond doesn’t do red carpet, bitches. Besides, it’s a low-key event. She’s just dressed up enough and she’s managing to embody the quintessential pretty nerd girl look. Score: 8.5/10. Style is knowing where your mark is and hitting it.

HE: Looks adorable too. We had to get that out of the way. His outfit is also perfectly appropriate for the event and the crowd, not to mention perfect for him. LOVE those boots and love the pants. But Matt, here’s some advice: DON’T SHOVE THINGS INTO YOUR PANTS POCKETS BEFORE GETTING YOUR PICTURE TAKEN. Hand them off to a publicist to hold for you. You’re wearing the perfect little hipster nerd outfit and all anyone can see is the massive tumor on your hip. Still, you make a nice complement to your co-star. Score: 8/10.

Combined Score: 8.25/10. It’s not always about effort; it’s about knowing the crowd you’re appealling to and the image you want to sell to them. On that front, they killed. And have we mentioned? They look adorable.


[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews]

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