Pairs Division: Chung and Ramirez

Posted on August 23, 2012

Hello, ladies we never heard of! Welcome to T Lo Lady Assessments, Inc.! Please step forward and state your names.


Jamie Chung and Dania Ramirez attend the premiere of ‘Premium Rush’ in New York City.


Jamie Chung wears a Cushnie et Ochs dress and Zara shoes


Dania Ramirez wears a a Rolando Santana dress

We chose these two as a pairs division because it seems pretty obvious to us that these outfits were coordinated. We’re digging the whole primary color thing they’ve got going on. They look like two fabulously dressed LEGOs.

From the left:

SHE: Is managing to wear a dress with a hip/stomach cutout on the red carpet and NOT causing us to immediately go, “Ew.” We kinda dig this dress for being so interesting without being too much. That shoulder treatment’s kinda hot, and we like the pleating on the side. It does, however look like there was some hasty pinning going on around both hems; the one on her skirt and the one on the cutout. We salute her for wearing an affordable pair of shoes, but as much as we like them, we think they’re fighting for attention. Hair and makeup look very pretty. She could’ve used slightly more showy jewelry to bump this up. Score: 7.5/10. Yes, there are issues, but we appreciate her wearing something interesting and looking, for the most part, put together.

SHE: Is serving up Latina Diva realness and working that frock like it just stole her boyfriend. Again: a cutout that doesn’t bother us at all or look tacky in any way. Like her co-star, the color looks fantastic on her. Unfortunately, she looks like she’s standing in a puddle of fabric. And while we LOVE the big gold hoops, there’s at least one ring too many on her hands. We would have suggested one kickass cocktail ring and that’s it. Hair and makeup also look pretty and appropriate. Score: 7.5/10. Get it hemmed next time, girl.

Combined Score: 7.5/10. That might seem a little high, but we’re taking into account the likelihood that they didn’t have a wide array of high end designer dresses to choose from (based solely on their position in the fame chart) and because they both look bold, brightly colored, and unique. Not a silly putty pump or black lace anything in sight. For that alone, they deserve props.


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