Mary Elisabeth Winstead (x2)

Posted on August 22, 2012

…or MEW MEW, as one of our seemingly dozens of cats would say. We think we might be spending too much time home lately, because our 3 cats have all suddenly gotten incredibly clingy. Lying on our desks isn’t enough; lately they’ve all been putting their heads down on our keyboard while we’re trying to type. We’re just going to blame any future typos on them. The worst is when they decide they want to curl up on the pillow next to your head in the middle of the night. Cute, but once you wake up and get a blast of cat breath in your face first thing in the morning, the cuteness quotient diminishes rapidly.

Well. We seem to have gone astray from the topic. Mary Elizabeth? Why don’t you step out here and get us back on track?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead attends the “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ Press Conference in Seoul in a Kelly Wreastler dress paired with Elie Saab sandals.

Kelly Wearstler Resort 2013 Collection

Enh. The print is nice, but we really don’t like the proportions here. A high neckline, bracelet-length sleeves and a mullet skirt do not an elegant look make. With her arms at her side, she looks like a vibrantly colored rectangle with legs and a head. Hack off that mullet, open up a button or two and slap a belt on this thing, and it’d work fine.

But she sure turned it out for the premiere:


Mary Elizabeth Winstead attends the ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ Seoul premiere in Seoul in a Giulietta gown paired with Elie Saab sandals.

Giulietta Spring 2012 Collection

That’s a tough dress to pull off, but we think it looks amazing on her. Love the hair and earrings, but her face looks really odd. Deathly pale and shiny. We’re assuming she’s got some sort of shimmer on her face and we have to say, that’s not a good idea. She’s too pale for that kind of makeup. She looks awesome in every other way, but her face makes her look like she’s about 2 seconds away from throwing up.


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