Marchesa Fall 2012 Bags

Posted on August 03, 2012

We’re of the opinion that a lady’s clutch, especially if it’s small in size, is one area of a look where it’s hard to go over the top. Some ladies like something small, simple and envelope-like to hold their tampon and cell phone and some ladies want to tote around something closer to a bejeweled bag. Neither approach is wrong and it all depends on the outfit, the venue, and the lady in question, as is always the case in matters of style. In that light, we can’t think of a better set of options for a clutch than these, from the Marchesa fall collection. Yes, things sometimes go a little over the top, in the Marchesa style, but these are fun and glamorous and there are just enough toned-down pieces to keep it all from going too far.

Let’s go pretend-shopping ladies. Which one is yours?

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