Lana Del Rey for H&M Fall 2012

Posted on August 21, 2012

Darlings, internet punching bag Lana Del Rey is the new face of H&M for fall. Let’s assess.


The clothes look great, and while we’ve had some fun at its expense, she really does have a great look; perfectly suitable for fashion photography. Unfortunately, what she doesn’t have is any skill as a model. Every shot looks painstakingly arranged. “Okay, Lana. Put your legs like this, your right arm like this, your left leg like this, tilt your head that way and look in this direction. Now hold that.” The effect is off-putting, like there’s a wall between you and her; like she finds the entire process of being photographed too uncomfortable to get over.

Honey? Get over it. You cashed the check, you gotta serve up some FACE.


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