Lady Gaga in NYC (x2)

Posted on August 08, 2012

Hmph. We were GOING to say, “Darlings, it’s Wednesday, and don’t you think we all need to have a Gaga moment right now to help us get over the hump?” Decent opener, right? Except Steffi has let us down in so many ways here, we don’t even know if we can go on.

But we will.


Lady Gaga goes on a shopping spree in New York City.

Now, you’re probably thinking “What the F, T Lo? She looks like the same old crazy-fierce Steffi to me!” Well, yes. And the operative word here is crazy, because we don’t care how fabulous that coat is, it’s freaking HOT and HUMID in the city right now.



Giorgio Armani Fall 2012 Collection

Again: a fabulously Gaga sort of look, but she is wearing FUR in AUGUST in NEW YORK CITY. It’s been said many times before, but it bears repeating in this case: Lady Gaga? That bitch CRAZY.

Also, we’re cranky because we see no Hot Ginger Handler and so help us, Steffi, if we find out he’s no longer in your employ, we will say very intemperate things about you on our blog. We are shaking our fists right now and everything. Steroid Picard is hot, no doubt about it, but we prefer the bite-sized candy in this case. Please correct this horrific mistake as soon as possible.


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