Kelly Rowland in Alexander McQueen

Posted on August 01, 2012

Miss Kelly! We love your Donna Summer hair, girl! Dim all the lights, sweet darling!


Kelly Rowland attends TW Steel & Jordy Cobelens unveiling of the new TW Steel Kelly Rowland ‘Special Edition’ watches in New York City in an Alexander McQueen dress.

Alexander McQueen Raspberry Draped Ruffle V-Neck Dress 

And we love your dress and shoes. But sweetie, we’re afraid we’re going to have to withold the “WERQ!” and accompanying snaps because… glitter toenails. With shoes that likely cost more than the average mortgage payment. We really can’t with that one. Nit-picky? You betcha. But this is why the T Lo “WERQ!” is the most coveted award in all of Hollywood, dear.

But that dress is a frickin’ knockout, girl. And your watch is cute. What did we say the other day, darlings? Mens-style watches are going to be a thing on the RC for the foreseeable future. Stylists are incredibly useful to the average lady star, but she should be aware that occasionally, they go from stylist to style-lemmings. It’s like middle school, when suddenly everyone sports the same book bag or color of shoelaces for no other reason than that’s what everyone else is doing at the moment.



[Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images,]

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